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Micinorm – An easy way to defeat the mushroom, the food and the cracks!

To order Micinorm in Romania, you need:

  1. Leave a request on the site, through the order form.
  2. An operator will contact you to confirm the order.
  3. Payment upon receipt of the parcel by post or courier.

CAREFUL! If the operator did not contact you by phone, place the order again with a different name.


Do you think the fungus has passed by?

If you have noticed at least one symptom in you,
then you need to take action


Bad smell

Cracks and peeling

Irregular shape of the nail

The nail becomes brown or yellow

Fingers and white spots on the nail

Itching and a feeling of oppression

Blisters on the soles

Damping and tingling

local thickening of the skin in the sole region


What will happen if you do not lick the fungus of the sole

According to statistical data, every fifth inhabitant of Romania suffers from candidiasis.
Tight closed shoes, synthetic socks, saunas, public baths, swimming pools.
In summer, there are also added beaches, parks, where many walk barefoot.
All this leads to strange diseases!



Step 1: Step 2: Step 3:
desquamation Nail fungus Peeling and itching between fingers
itch Deep cracks Deep ulcers and cracks
High level of perspiration Plentiful sweating and itching Pain
Bad smell Permanent pungent odor Pus
discomfort Yellow and fragile nails Nail loss
„Dead” and rough skin
A strong discomfort
while walking

If you do not treat the soles, the evolution of a dangerous disease can start!

How does the „Micinorm” cream work  ?

By using it regularly, „Micinorm” helps you get rid of some problems.

Raspberry and hawthorn extract  – enhances the development of yeasts and fungi. Treat the itch. It has a destructive effect on the fungus.

Dandelion  – „disconnects” the sweat glands. It disinfects, dries, gives a pleasant aroma for a long time. Propolis has strong bactericidal properties. Turmeric oils and grape seeds  penetrate deep beneath the skin , treat areas with skin problems, provide a refreshing effect and eliminate unpleasant odors after a stressful day at work.

The cream moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the feet, removes the roughness of the skin, exfoliates, heals cracks.

Unlike other creams, „Micinorm” is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the sole. It absorbs quickly and leaves no traces on the clothes and bedding.

How to apply the  „Micinorm” cream?

Before applying, wash with soap and dry your feet thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of cream all over the sole. Each evening before bedtime.


The opinion of the specialist

expert micinorm doctorŞtefan Coposh
к.м.н., CMMI NASemașco. Doctor-dermatologist, cosmetologist, mycologist.

This preparation has long proven to be effective. Its main advantage – complex care. Even if you do not have all the symptoms, you should now start using „Micinorm” for prophylaxis. The fungus on the feet develops very quickly! Today you have a slight exfoliation and itching, and tomorrow you will have to go to the clinic and drink antibiotics 5 times a day. Do not Wait! Treat the problem now. In addition, the fungus is transmitted. If you got sick or someone close to you, the whole family suffers!



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